Temple Run Updates

There’s a new version of Brave out, at least for those playing on an iOS device. There are a few noteworthy changes, with some exciting new features that make the classic Temple Run seem a little neglected, if you ask us!

Those of you lucky enough to own an iPhone 5 get some improved graphics, while everyone else gets new Game Center achievements and the same social sharing functionality that was recently added to the previous game. After a run, you can choose to share your score with your friends on Twitter or Facebook.

More interestingly though, at least in our opinion, there’s a new collectable token that can appear during a run. It’s called “Will O’ the Wisps” and if you pick it up, you’ll instantly be transported to the “spirit world” for a new run. There you have to pick up as many of these Wisp tokens as you can in a limited amount of time… get enough of them and you’ll unlock a new power up that can be used in normal Brave runs: slow motion! We’ve not got to try it out yet, but it sounds like it’s just what you need to set those social-sharing-worthy high scores!

We’ve heard another rumour that there’s an update coming to Temple Run itself, hopefully we can bring you more on that soon!