Temple Run 2 Online!

We imagine you were just as surprised as us to hear the out-of-the-blue announcement from Imangi Studios that Temple Run 2 was on the way. Even more surprising was the news that it was already online in New Zealand (for Apple devices, at least), and was merely waiting for the inexorable progress of timezones across the world before appearing everywhere!

Not living in that hemisphere, we’ve got no concrete news as to what delights the sequel brings, but there are rumours of improved graphics, actual gameplay differences between the selectable characters, and some new powerups. Once we get a hold of it, we’ll give you a full run-down.

Following the huge success of the first game, a proper sequel (if you don’t consider Brave one) seems like a sensible move. In the year since the first game hit the mobile gaming scene, things have moved on a bit and the recent release of the excellent Subway Surfers threatened to steal some of Temple Run’s thunder. We’ve got our fingers crossed that Imangi are on top of it though! With over 170 million downloads of the first game, the barrier to beating their first effort is pretty high. We think they’ll manage it.

Temple Run 2 is expected to be available on Android devices early next week.