Another Disney Spin-Off: Oz

Once again we’ve let a few weeks drift by without an update, but this time we’ve got a cast-iron excuse!

The recent and surprise release of another Disney-branded spinoff, Temple Run: Oz has seen us practically chained to our phones and tablets trying to complete all of the new challenges the new game has brought us. We’re loving it, but after tearing ourselves away for a few hours, we’re now looking back at it wondering if it’s really much of an improvement over Temple Run 2.

Oz has you running down a yellow brick road (of course) through the Whimsical Woods and The Dark Forest. These two different areas alternate endlessly, or at least until you run into an obstacle, which at least brings some variety to the visuals. It does somehow reduce the feeling of being on an endless run away from the flying monkeys that are following you though, constantly feeling like you’ve ended up back where you started.

We doubt many people will be put off by that, though, and the number of hours we’ve put into playing the game implies that we weren’t really either! It’s more likely that the 69p cost will be a barrier to entry – unless you’re a die-hard fan like us, we’d recommend downloading the (free!) Temple Run 2 instead, and seeing how much you enjoy that. Once you’ve completed all of the challenges and beaten your friends’ high-scores, then consider moving on to Oz!

Our verdict: Occasional hot air balloon trips and the pretty starting area aside, Oz feels more like a Disney marketing vehicle than a serious addition to the Temple Run franchise. It’s fun to play but the original game is cheaper and arguably better.

Only a few days after release, it’s climbed almost to the top of the "Paid App" charts from Apple and Android devices, so from that point of view it’s certainly a successful addition to the ever-expanding Temple Run brand. Perhaps slightly annoyingly for Imangi Studios, it was briefly beaten to the top spot in the US rankings by Disney’s very own Toy Story: Smash It! app! Oz eventually climbed back above it, though, leaving it at the top spot of the charts this week.

11 thoughts on “Another Disney Spin-Off: Oz

  1. I think that u should not have to pay for games like this but very nice game………..that is the best game I ever played until they invent a another game….

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