Early Temple Run Prototypes Revealed at GDC 2014

At the 2014 Games Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, where the very latest and greatest games are being revealed, we were pretty surprised to hear some news about our beloved Temple Run!

Temple Run’s getting on for three years old now, and we thought that we knew everything that there was to know about it! However, lead developer at Imangi, Keith Shepherd chose the 2014 conference to share some details of the game he first showed off there in 2011. He was eager to show the world how Temple Run first evolved from the game they were calling “Max Adventure”, and it fact very quickly came together over just a few weeks.

In the video below, you can see Temple Run at a few different stages of development: a day, a week, and a month. Amazing really!

Another Disney Spin-Off: Oz

Once again we’ve let a few weeks drift by without an update, but this time we’ve got a cast-iron excuse!

The recent and surprise release of another Disney-branded spinoff, Temple Run: Oz has seen us practically chained to our phones and tablets trying to complete all of the new challenges the new game has brought us. We’re loving it, but after tearing ourselves away for a few hours, we’re now looking back at it wondering if it’s really much of an improvement over Temple Run 2.

Oz has you running down a yellow brick road (of course) through the Whimsical Woods and The Dark Forest. These two different areas alternate endlessly, or at least until you run into an obstacle, which at least brings some variety to the visuals. It does somehow reduce the feeling of being on an endless run away from the flying monkeys that are following you though, constantly feeling like you’ve ended up back where you started.

We doubt many people will be put off by that, though, and the number of hours we’ve put into playing the game implies that we weren’t really either! It’s more likely that the 69p cost will be a barrier to entry – unless you’re a die-hard fan like us, we’d recommend downloading the (free!) Temple Run 2 instead, and seeing how much you enjoy that. Once you’ve completed all of the challenges and beaten your friends’ high-scores, then consider moving on to Oz!

Our verdict: Occasional hot air balloon trips and the pretty starting area aside, Oz feels more like a Disney marketing vehicle than a serious addition to the Temple Run franchise. It’s fun to play but the original game is cheaper and arguably better.

Only a few days after release, it’s climbed almost to the top of the "Paid App" charts from Apple and Android devices, so from that point of view it’s certainly a successful addition to the ever-expanding Temple Run brand. Perhaps slightly annoyingly for Imangi Studios, it was briefly beaten to the top spot in the US rankings by Disney’s very own Toy Story: Smash It! app! Oz eventually climbed back above it, though, leaving it at the top spot of the charts this week.

Temple Run 2 Online!

We imagine you were just as surprised as us to hear the out-of-the-blue announcement from Imangi Studios that Temple Run 2 was on the way. Even more surprising was the news that it was already online in New Zealand (for Apple devices, at least), and was merely waiting for the inexorable progress of timezones across the world before appearing everywhere!

Not living in that hemisphere, we’ve got no concrete news as to what delights the sequel brings, but there are rumours of improved graphics, actual gameplay differences between the selectable characters, and some new powerups. Once we get a hold of it, we’ll give you a full run-down.

Following the huge success of the first game, a proper sequel (if you don’t consider Brave one) seems like a sensible move. In the year since the first game hit the mobile gaming scene, things have moved on a bit and the recent release of the excellent Subway Surfers threatened to steal some of Temple Run’s thunder. We’ve got our fingers crossed that Imangi are on top of it though! With over 170 million downloads of the first game, the barrier to beating their first effort is pretty high. We think they’ll manage it.

Temple Run 2 is expected to be available on Android devices early next week.

Temple Run Updates

There’s a new version of Brave out, at least for those playing on an iOS device. There are a few noteworthy changes, with some exciting new features that make the classic Temple Run seem a little neglected, if you ask us!

Those of you lucky enough to own an iPhone 5 get some improved graphics, while everyone else gets new Game Center achievements and the same social sharing functionality that was recently added to the previous game. After a run, you can choose to share your score with your friends on Twitter or Facebook.

More interestingly though, at least in our opinion, there’s a new collectable token that can appear during a run. It’s called “Will O’ the Wisps” and if you pick it up, you’ll instantly be transported to the “spirit world” for a new run. There you have to pick up as many of these Wisp tokens as you can in a limited amount of time… get enough of them and you’ll unlock a new power up that can be used in normal Brave runs: slow motion! We’ve not got to try it out yet, but it sounds like it’s just what you need to set those social-sharing-worthy high scores!

We’ve heard another rumour that there’s an update coming to Temple Run itself, hopefully we can bring you more on that soon!

Temple Run 1.6 (iOS) and 1.08 (Android) Released

We’ve just got a small bit of news for you today. A new version of Temple Run has been rolled out, though it doesn’t contain anywhere near as many changes as the last one did. This update adds support for the higher screen resolution of the iPhone 5. It also makes use of new iOS6 functionality to allow sharing of high-scores on social networks like Facebook and Twitter or even via email or SMS text message!

None of which is of much interest to Android users, of course. They get the chance to complete some new offers for free coins, and that’s about it!

Both versions of the game receive a number of bug fixes, but none of them are particularly noticable.

Imangi Studios haven’t provided any recent statistics on the number of times the game has been downloaded, and are still saying that it’s “over 100 million downloads”. Perhaps they don’t want to give away too much information to their competitors, or the explosive growth of the game is slowing down? Only time will tell, though with the new board and card games expected any minute now – just in time for the holiday season – it’s looking likely Temple Run will be around for a while yet!

Temple Run Version 1.5 Released

Hot on the heels of our recent scoop that a new version of Temple Run was on the way, it’s arrived!

This version brings us some updated graphics and a new powerup called PermaWings. Much like the existing wings powerup, this one will automatically resurrect you when you die. Unlike the old wings – which can still be purchased – and as the name implies, PermaWings stay activated until you die, rather than fading out after a while if they weren’t used. Great for racking up some seriously high scores.

The developers have also added another upgrade level to the existing powerups: the ability to disable them. Backwards as that sounds, what it means is that by spending 25,000 coins per powerup, you get the option to stop particular powerups from appearing during your run. We’re not yet completely sure why you’d want to do that, but if it keeps the overall number of powerups the same and only the powerups you want actually appear, that really adds an interesting dimension to the game. Coin magnets and boost powerups only, perhaps?

There are also 19 new achievements, which we’ve added to our guide. As expected, they fixed the exploit that could be used to remove all of the turns and obstacles from the level – but they did so in an unexpectedly humourous way. Head on over to our “Find the Glitch” page to find out more!

Along with the update came the news that the Temple Run franchise has now passed 100 million downloads. It’s not quite the billion downloads that Rovio’s Angry Birds announced, but they do have a couple of years head start.

Temple Run Roundup

Here at Temple Run Online we might not have been as on top of the last few weeks’ Temple Run news as we’d have liked, but the recent Temple Run: Brave has been so ridiculously addictive we haven’t had much time to do anything else! That said, read on for our roundup of the latest news.

- Comic book publisher Ape Entertainment announced that it has secured the rights to create a brand new comic (or should that be graphic novel?) based on Temple Run. No word yet on whether it’ll just be Temple Run, or ‘Brave’ too, but we have our fingers crossed for both. Initially the comics will only be available through a yet-to-be-seen iOS app, with more traditional printed copies planned for sometime in the future.

- A Russian hacker going by the nickname ZonD80 claims to have found a way to get free in-app purchases from many iOS games and applications, including our beloved Temple Run. We’ve heard mixed reports as to whether it works or not, and have no plans to detail his process here. Even if it does work, the danger of being banned from the App Store or, worse, losing our Temple Run progress, isn’t worth the potential short term game. Avoid!

- As we reported in our last post, we expect a new version of Temple Run very shortly. It’s rumoured to fix a few exploits, perhaps including the one above.

New Version of Temple Run

We’ve heard a rumour (from a trustworthy source) that a new version of Temple Run is on the way very soon. No word on what the update might contain but we hope it at least fixes the “double swipe” bug that people¬†still¬†seem to be using to get insanely high scores.

In case you haven’t heard about it – sometimes if you swipe the screen (as if to turn) twice in quick succession, you can cause your Temple Run character to turn back the way they came, running back towards the temple! You never actually get there though, the level usually seems to just continue as normal, but sometimes you can get stuck running forever down a perfectly straight path, with no danger of dying. As you can imagine, this racks up a high score very quickly and, in our opinion, ruins the game for those of us trying to legitimately get high scores!

So, here’s hoping that gets fixed in a new version. What features would you like to see in the next version of Temple Run? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll publish the most popular suggestions in another post. To get the ball rolling, how about… new temples to escape from? Or maybe special abilities for each character. Fingers crossed!

Temple Run for Android Released!

For a while we thought this day would never come – despite a few delays and setbacks, Temple Run has been officially released for Android devices! Originally scheduled for this past February, the game is now available free on the Android market. We’ve got the full details on our Get Temple Run page.

Based around the same ‘freemium’ model as the original iOS version, the Android game has an in-app ‘Store’ allowing cash rich and time strapped players to buy coins which in turn can be used to buy upgraded powerups and characters.

The iOS version of Temple Run has passed 40 millon downloads in the few months since it was released, and with Android now accounting for over half of the smartphone market, Imangi Studios must be hoping for an equal or even better success after today’s release.

Temple Run Android Postponed

Sad news for all of those Android users out there – I’m told there are more of you out there than iOS users, actually – Temple Run for Android has been postponed! We’re told that the previous ‘official’ release date of February 9th was, in fact, decidedly unofficial.

The rumour this time is of an early March release date. We’ll keep you posted!