Temple Run Android

Hot off the presses: Temple Run is coming to Android February 9th, 2012!

At the time of writing, the iOS version has had over 20 million downloads and numbers around 7 million active users daily! As there are currently more Android devices out there than Apple’s iOS devices, those numbers might be about to be smashed by the Android launch.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the Android Marketplace for it. Keep checking back here for more Temple Run news as it happens!

Temple Run Online

Welcome to Temple Run Online!

We’re a new site devoted to the smash hit iPhone (and soon to be Android) game Temple Run. We plan to bring you the latest news, tips and strategies – really anything related to the hottest mobile game since Angry Birds!

If you haven’t played Temple Run yet you’re missing out – it’s free!

Playing the part of a treasure hunter on the run from a horde of demonic monkeys, you must navigate mazes, duck trees and jump fences for as long as you can to set the highest score.

If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad you’re a couple of clicks away from finding your new favourite game. If not… stay tuned to learn all you can to beat your friends and when Temple Run will be available for your platform!