Free Coins!

There’s an easy way to get 250 free coins in Temple Run, without having to use a hack or a cheat. You’ve probably seen it already:

  1. Start Temple Run
  2. Go to Store on the main menu
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and choose “Like on Facebook” to immediately receive 250 free coins!

That might seem obvious (after all, it says so right on the screen) but perhaps what’s not so obvious is that you do not have to “Like” it on Facebook to get the free coins. You don’t even need a Facebook account. Just switch immediately back to your game and you’ll have the coins!

Double Resurrection

We’ve had a few people ask us how to get the mysterious “Double Resurrection” achievement, so here’s our quick guide:

  1. Make sure you have at least two Resurrection items. You can find them in the Store under Utilities – the icon looks like some wings. They cost 500 coins each and you may buy as many as you can afford!
  2. In game, double tap the screen anywhere to activate the Resurrection powerup. You now have 30 seconds during which if you die, you’ll be resurrected. To get the achievement, make sure you die during this time.
  3. After being resurrected, you’ll need to run at least 1000 metres before you can activate your second Resurrection just like you did before. Die and be resurrected again and you should get the achievement. Easy!