Temple Run Characters

There are currently seven playable characters in Temple Run. Don’t be enticed by the fancy descriptions though – they’re all exactly the same as far as the game goes. There is no “best character”. Unlocking them gets you towards the Dynamic Duo, Fantastic Four and Sexy Six achievements, and that’s about it. Other than that, the character looks different, has a couple of different sounds, and a few different death messages.

Our tip is to save your precious coins for the more useful upgrades like the magnet before unlocking any of these.

Character Coins to Unlock
Guy Dangerous, just your average explorer unlocked
Scarlett Fox, the cunning escape artist 10,000
Barry Bones, a city cop with an attitude 10,000
Karma Lee, the fastest legs in the Far East 25,000
Montana Smith, the second greatest explorer ever 25,000
Francisco Montoya, the conquistador 25,000
Zack Wonder, football star 25,000

We note that Guy Dangerous has more than a passing resemblance to Nathan Drake from Uncharted 2 and that Montana Smith looks quite familiar too…

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