Temple Run Cheat

It might not be the most appropriate video to start with, but this Temple Run cheat might not last that long before it’s removed so we’ll share it with you early!

Check out the video to see an easy way to boost your scores and impress your friends.

5 thoughts on “Temple Run Cheat

  1. I tried this cheat that someone had suggested to gain more points. Now in doing so it didn’t work at all. I still had to turn corners and everything else. Now I don’t have the latest version on my android phone. Please let me know if this makes a difference or not? Thank you for your time and patience. Hope to hear from you soon. I love this game it’s so much fun I have gotten my family to play it. My mom and I are the ones that are addicted to it as well. Thanks again.

    • Unfortunately I don’t think that cheat works any more. One thing that might still work is to sort of double swipe when you’re turning a corner, really fast. Sometimes doing that seems to turn you all of the way around and let you run back the way you came. Sometimes it lets you just run down a straight bit forever, getting more and more points! They might have fixed that by now though.

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