Temple Run for Android Released!

For a while we thought this day would never come – despite a few delays and setbacks, Temple Run has been officially released for Android devices! Originally scheduled for this past February, the game is now available free on the Android market. We’ve got the full details on our Get Temple Run page.

Based around the same ‘freemium’ model as the original iOS version, the Android game has an in-app ‘Store’ allowing cash rich and time strapped players to buy coins which in turn can be used to buy upgraded powerups and characters.

The iOS version of Temple Run has passed 40 millon downloads in the few months since it was released, and with Android now accounting for over half of the smartphone market, Imangi Studios must be hoping for an equal or even better success after today’s release.

16 thoughts on “Temple Run for Android Released!

  1. Why is it not on the HTC Wildfire S, have been waiting ages for this game on Android and now still can’t get it. :-( from a Not Happy Person!!!

  2. I have an samsung galaxy mini and its an andoid all i want is to play twmple run my dad and my big sister have an iphone but its not like having my very own :(

  3. i love temple run its the best game ever but most every game is trying to copy it like temple run brave and panda run and running fred and every thing else

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