Temple Run Glitch Achievement

Stuck getting “The Glitch” achievement? It’s easy.

Versions of the game before 1.5 of the game had a glitch that let people run forever in a straight line, collecting coins with no obstacles in the way, unfairly building up huge high scores that honest players had no chance to keep up with. When they fixed the exploit, Imangi Studios injected a bit of humour into the game by adding a new achievement called “The Glitch”. You can probably guess where this is going.

To get this achievement, you need to perform the same steps that before would have exploited the game into letting you run in a straight line forever. They are simply:

  1. Start Temple Run, go to Options and enable the Tutorial
  2. Go back to the main menu and start the game as normal
  3. When you first encounter a corner, swipe left or right as you normally would to turn the corner except you need to swipe three times repeatedly in very quick succession.

If you don’t succeed on your first attempt, go back to the main menu and start running again.

If done correctly, you’ll appear to turn around and start running back the way you came. There’ll be some thunder and lightning in the background and it will initially look like you’re running down the straight, obstacle-less course the exploit would previously have given you. This time, however, the game will return to normal after a few moments. When you die, you’ll get the achievement “The Glitch” along with the message “Tried to cheat :-)” – confirming the bug is fixed once and for all!

11 thoughts on “Temple Run Glitch Achievement

  1. I think it’s great, made me laugh when I attempted the cheat. Good bit of humor in the game definitely. Now you guys can get back to some good, old fasioned, honest gaming :)

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