Temple Run Roundup

Here at Temple Run Online we might not have been as on top of the last few weeks’ Temple Run news as we’d have liked, but the recent Temple Run: Brave has been so ridiculously addictive we haven’t had much time to do anything else! That said, read on for our roundup of the latest news.

- Comic book publisher Ape Entertainment announced that it has secured the rights to create a brand new comic (or should that be graphic novel?) based on Temple Run. No word yet on whether it’ll just be Temple Run, or ‘Brave’ too, but we have our fingers crossed for both. Initially the comics will only be available through a yet-to-be-seen iOS app, with more traditional printed copies planned for sometime in the future.

- A Russian hacker going by the nickname ZonD80 claims to have found a way to get free in-app purchases from many iOS games and applications, including our beloved Temple Run. We’ve heard mixed reports as to whether it works or not, and have no plans to detail his process here. Even if it does work, the danger of being banned from the App Store or, worse, losing our Temple Run progress, isn’t worth the potential short term game. Avoid!

- As we reported in our last post, we expect a new version of Temple Run very shortly. It’s rumoured to fix a few exploits, perhaps including the one above.

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