Temple Run Version 1.5 Released

Hot on the heels of our recent scoop that a new version of Temple Run was on the way, it’s arrived!

This version brings us some updated graphics and a new powerup called PermaWings. Much like the existing wings powerup, this one will automatically resurrect you when you die. Unlike the old wings – which can still be purchased – and as the name implies, PermaWings stay activated until you die, rather than fading out after a while if they weren’t used. Great for racking up some seriously high scores.

The developers have also added another upgrade level to the existing powerups: the ability to disable them. Backwards as that sounds, what it means is that by spending 25,000 coins per powerup, you get the option to stop particular powerups from appearing during your run. We’re not yet completely sure why you’d want to do that, but if it keeps the overall number of powerups the same and only the powerups you want actually appear, that really adds an interesting dimension to the game. Coin magnets and boost powerups only, perhaps?

There are also 19 new achievements, which we’ve added to our guide. As expected, they fixed the exploit that could be used to remove all of the turns and obstacles from the level – but they did so in an unexpectedly humourous way. Head on over to our “Find the Glitch” page to find out more!

Along with the update came the news that the Temple Run franchise has now passed 100 million downloads. It’s not quite the billion downloads that Rovio’s Angry Birds announced, but they do have a couple of years head start.

33 thoughts on “Temple Run Version 1.5 Released

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